Rila erleben

Rila. Die Genussentdecker.®

Rila erleben

A circular design using steel, concrete, natural stone and glass: this building is certainly one of a kind.

Ancient Greek stones and sculptures in a vaulted wine cellar, an Italian garden constructed of tuff and framed by typical Mediterranean plants, and a tavern embedded in a landscape of Greek water features create a unique ambiance. This is an environment where you can sample diverse offerings from a variety of countries in an authentic atmosphere. The concept combines the best of tourism, the culinary arts, and international fine dining to help guests experience excellent cuisine. This unique building serves both as a conference and training centre for our trading partners and as a space for guests who want to enjoy good food in a comfortable atmosphere.

Its ambitious culinary mission is underscored by a regularly updated menu and themed wine tastings focusing on different countries and using our own products. Professional chefs also create original recipes in-house.

We look forward to your visit!

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