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Rila. Die Genussentdecker.®

Rila. Die Genussentdecker.®

The roots of the RILA corporate group go back to the year 1969. That was when Ursula and Helmut Richter laid the cornerstone for the company. Driven by their entrepreneurial spirit and commitment they created a strong player on the retail landscape.

They started by restricting their activities to classic import and sale of Mediterranean specialities. As globalisation advanced they saw the opportunity and necessity to establish their own production locations and use the newest pioneering technologies.

The company, still 100% family owned, is led today by the founder Helmut Richter, ceo Bernd Richter and coo Holger Wankelmann. Their focus is to create a reliable corporate culture that will stand the test of time, a culture where customer-focused action and short decision-making pathways are a top priority and an obligation for more than 350 qualified employees.

Roughly 40% of all products offered by RILA are produced at the company's own production locations in Germany, Greece and Chile. Seamless controlling, from cultivation to production to filling and retail packaging, ensures our products fulfil the highest quality requirements. Subsidiary companies Jürgen Langbein GmbH, Menzi GmbH, Rila Hellas EPE and the RILA logistics centre in Stemwede-Levern are certified in accordance with the most up to date EC Eco Ordinance.

We are members of FMIG e.V. -
a network that encompasses over 1,750 German food manufacturers.

Benchmarks in company history

1969 Founding of Helmut Richter, Internationale Transporte und Spedition

1975 Founding of Rila Feinkost-Importe GmbH & Co. KG

1993 Founding of international subsidiary Rila Hellas EPE in Filiatra/Greece

1996 Founding of international subsidiary Alimentos Finos Rila Chile Limitada, Arica/Chile

1998 Acquisition of Jürgen Langbein GmbH in Kaltenkirchen

2001 Foundation stone laid for the new logistic centre

2003 Commissioning of the new logistic centre

2007 Opening of the “Rila erleben” centre

2011 Opening of the “Hollenmühle” caravan camping area

2015 Expansion of the logistics centre

2018 Publication of the Rila “Fernkost” imported foods study

2018 Acquisition of Menzi GmbH in Versmold

2021 Move to the new, state-of-the-art office building