About us

Rila. Die Genussentdecker.®

Responsible corporate action

Responsible business practices have always been a key concern for the RILA corporate group, shaping how we do business. We are convinced that economic success is closely tied to ecological and social responsibility.

RILA was a pioneer in being one of the first food retailers to provide an extensive, certified organic product assortment. As an international company, handling natural resources, responsibly and using climate-neutral production processes whenever possible is especially important to us.

Regular employee development and improving employee loyalty to ensure they stay with the company long-term are central components of the RILA corporate philosophy. As a respected training company in a variety of professions, we offer long-term career prospects not only to young professionals, but to all of our employees.

RILA always treats its suppliers and producers fairly and fair trade is a fixed part of our Corporate Responsibility (CSR) activities. These activities focus on building long-term trusting trade partnerships with local suppliers.

In addition, our social commitment is evidenced by our long-term support of various children’s aid projects in South America, “Tafel” programs in Germany and our sponsorships of various non-profit organisations.

One world, one forest, one climate!

Active climate protection is like life insurance for our planet. Rila Feinkost-Importe is a member of the World Forest Foundation (WFF) since 2014, and carry the motto “A healthy economy needs a healthy climate”. The WFF is an initiative of the Senat der Wirtschaft e.V., which works towards cost-effective climate protection through reforestation. The WFF's criteria are based on guaranteed compliance with key social and ecological standards, creating legal framework conditions, assurances along with local governments and close collaboration with local populations and the state.

The initiative’s ecological goals include reducing CO2 emissions, compensating for CO2 emissions and helping achieve a voluntary CO2 balance. It also works to restore forests to their natural state and restore forest resources and their contributions.

Social goals are also defined alongside these ecological goals. These include improving living conditions, fighting agricultural poverty, creating food security, developing and securing jobs.

With our membership we hope to be a role model for how to shape the future and actively contribute to climate protection.