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Rila. Die Genussentdecker.®

Logistics and service

Our high modern logistic-centre with high-bay shelving system, which is in operation since 2003, allows us to ensure that RILA specialities reach their recipients across Germany within 3 business days after receiving an order. The newest technologies, like “pick by voice” controlled picking and driverless transportation systems and a mix of high-performing forwarders, allow us to guarantee reliable and prompt order shipments.

From order processing to continuous shipment tracking and traceability for every product batch, our qualified back office employees are always focused on active customer service. Solution-oriented complaint management is always our top priority.

Our pronounced network of qualified sales representatives manages markets and sales areas individually and personally. Our location-based category management system is built around market-specific analytic data (listing status, merchandise identification, sales, etc.), which is always available to sales representatives through the ISMA shelf optimisation software (Interactive Shelf Management), which was developed by RILA. This helps us ensure needs and sales-based dispatching to optimise productivity.

Last but not least: RILA Feinkost-Importe in Stemwede-Levern is also IFS logistics and organic certified. Quality plays a key role in every area of RILA.


RILA Hellas

RILA Hellas EPE was founded in Filiatra in 1993. The location, which is near Kalamata in the southwestern part of Peloponnese, was selected for its close proximity to the areas RILA's contracted growers cultivate our popular Liakada products. RILA Feinkost-Importe's subsidiary constructed a new production hall in 2007 nestled among the olive groves. Short transportation distances from the field to production and filling in blister packaging and jars help ensure goods stay fresh and crisp. This is the ideal way to retain their taste and valuable substances.

This production site fulfils the latest technological standards and is certified in accordance with IFS food and organic guidelines.

RILA Chile

The company RILA Chile was founded in the city of Arica in northern Chile in 1996. This production company is led by Frank Richter, son of the company's founder, and specialises in processing, packaging and selling the country's agricultural products. Goods are packaged in jars, blister packaging and folding boxes. The range reaches from various types of olives to chillies, garlic and spicy vegetable pastes.

Jürgen Langbein

One of the finest choices for gourmets and connoisseurs. This production company for national and international fine food is headquartered in Kaltenkirchen, Schleswig-Holstein and part of the Rila-Group since 1998. The production of seafood pastes, based in 1880, is the basis of all innovative developments today. The product portfolio includes gourmet liquid stock, soups, sauces and pastes.

As a certified production company processing meat, fish and milk, Jürgen Langbein is organic certified by the EWG controlling system since 1999. In addition, our production locations also fulfil the most up to date IFS food guidelines. We ensure our high quality standards are continuously reviewed and confirmed by a variety of independent institutions.


For over 70 years Menzi manufactory produced fine food liquid stock, soups and stews in Versmold. Since 2018 included to the Rila-Group is the location responsible for the production and processing of bulk and small-scale units and certified by IFS and organic. For us quality and innovational strength are the measure of all things. Regionally typical and international dishes, prepared by fresh ingredients and gentle cooking methods, taste like home-cooking.